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"Miss Anne in Harlem" reviewed on NPR's "CodeSwitch"

Karen Grigsby Bates has reviewed Miss Anne in Harlem for NPR's "CodeSwitch." In the piece, titled, "Harlem On Their Minds: Life in America's Black Capital," Bates writes, "Kaplan makes it easy for the reader to imagine the bustle and optimism of pre-Depression Harlem: The nightclubs, integrated and, yes, segregated. The political meetings. The social cliques and the rarefied air of Sugar Hill and Strivers Row, two of the area's most exclusive neighborhoods, populated by the black elite, are vividly reproduced....Kaplan, whose biography of Zora Neale Hurston received wide critical acclaim, draws the line from renaissance Harlem to today. Her extensive research has given life to a critical period in black American history—and given credit to the white women who, for various reasons, helped the Harlem Renaissance flourish."