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Review in New York Journal of Books

Miss Anne in Harlem received a lovely review in the New York Journal of Books by Rodrigo Rey Rosa on September 10th.

"Ms. Kaplan's vigorous research, combined with her excellent narrative voice, bring [Miss Anne] to us in ways that inform and educate while entertaining readers with a particular interest in American history, women?s studies, African American history and literature, and race relations....Interweaving their stories into the larger tapestry of black-white politics, black-black politics, white-white politics, and a rapidly changing social and political landscape that affected both races in dramatic ways, Ms. Kaplan has given us an important opportunity to explore the very notion of race as a possible social construct while also exploring a time when new feminist paradigms and identities were emerging....[W]ho can fail to admire women with such courage and fortitude? In sharing these women and their times, Carla Kaplan has given us and history a great gift. Like the Miss Annes she writes about, we have much to thank her for."